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Lifestyle Lift Lifestyle Lift Reviews
Lifestyle Lift Reviews

883 Reviews for Lifestyle Lift

Kathleen from
Redlands CA

Age at Procedure: 66
Submitted on 07-21-2014
Lifestyle Lift Pictures
  Very happy with results.

I came back from a trip to France last year and while looking through the photos I would notice many photos of me that would have been good except for my neck! My boyfriend has an annoying habit of snapping unposed photos of me, and I just looked terrible in most of those shots. I have wanted to do the LL thing for a long time. However, I might not have had the courage to have the procedure but I already had 3 friends who had had the procedure with Dr. Machida and I was very impressed with their results. I went to the open meeting where the clinic describes all the procedures that are available. It was very low key and I felt zero pressure at all to sign up for surgery. All of the staff at the Lifestyle Clinic were very helpful and extremely professional, but I just can't say enough positive things about Dr Machida. He is a wonderful person and you can tell he really cares about his patients. I had a lifestyle lift and a blepharoplasty. I felt comfortable going in public within 2 weeks of surgery. I knew I looked much better after the procedures but when I saw the before and after photos (and believe me they do not doctor them), I could really truly see how much improvement there was. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Machida. By the way the last photo in the series below is from 2 weeks out from the surgery & is just a selfie I snapped in my bathroom. Don't be afraid of the pain. It's not that bad & I only took vicodin 2 or 3 days. I did everything they told me to do to the letter. ... READ MORE»

Patricia from
Boise ID

Age at Procedure: 53
Submitted on 07-21-2014
Lifestyle Lift Pictures
  My Lifestyle lift experience..

Before my Lifestyle Lift I could hardly bear to look at myself in the mirror. I was looking older every day, in my opinion. Now I enjoy looking in the mirror. I'm so happy at what I see! I don't feel self-conscious when people look at me. I decided to have the Lifestyle Life and upper eye lids done. I wanted this procedure done for ME. For MY self confidence. It's funny how I want to take better care of myself now that I look and feel so much better. I would recommend Lifestyle Lift to anyone! Dr. McKim did an excellent job. There are no scars to be seen. Dr. McKim and his office staff were all very nice and helpful. I would especially like to thank Jen for all her time and attention to me. She explained everything to me in detail and answered all of my questions. Thank you so very much for everything! Sincerely, Patricia ... READ MORE»

Desiree from
Enfield CT

Age at Procedure: 52
Submitted on 07-21-2014
Lifestyle Lift Pictures
  Dr. Boggess is my hero!!.

The staff at the Nashville office was helpful and friendly. They were always there to answer any questions I had both pre and post procedure. They also helped set me up with their CT office since I moved one month post procedure. Dr. Boggess communicated with me via his cell phone and email. My results are both subtle and dramatic!!! when I look at my pre-procedure pictures and my post procedure pictures I can't understand how people don't realize I've had work done!! My old friends tell me how great I look but they don't really know why I look so much younger and refreshed!! I would probably travel all the way back to Nashville to have Dr. Boggess do any more work should I be lucky enough to be able!! ... READ MORE»

Kathy from
Belleville IL

Age at Procedure: 54
Submitted on 07-21-2014
Lifestyle Lift Pictures
  Awesome Experience.

I am 54 years old but looked old. I hated looking in the mirror in the morning. I wanted to have my youthful look again. I decided to look into having something done and looked into Lifestyle Lift. After reading some reviews from other states I was apprehensive about going to the appointment I set up for a consultation. I did go and ended up having the lift, full face laser and a lower eye procedure. The ressults are totally amazing. Im extremely happy and look and feel young again. I had my procedure done in St. Louis by Dr. Scheu and he did an amazing job. The staff are very friendly and helpful and I would recommend anyone thinking of having facial surgery to go here. They are awesome! ... READ MORE»

Judith from
Nashville TN

Age at Procedure: 70
Submitted on 07-21-2014
Lifestyle Lift Pictures
  My 70th Birthday Gift.

I decided to have the Lifestyle Lift for my 70th birthday. I definitely made the right decision! I could not be more pleased with the results. My face looks so natural and refreshed! My experience with my Lifestyle Lift family could not have been better better. They were wonderful! They were professional, yet very personable and helpful. They made me feel so comfortable. It was such a peaceful atmosphere. Great team work, making for a very smooth procedure. Dr. Michael Boggess was great! He was very thorough and candid when discussing and explaining the Lifestyle Lift and he was very confident that I would be pleased with the outcome, easing any apprehension and helping me look forward to the final results. I am so glad that I made this decision and you will be too! ... READ MORE»

Anonymous from
Union NJ

Age at Procedure: 60
Submitted on 07-21-2014

  Excellent staff and amazing results.

I had the procedure on June 2nd 2014. Dr Wise was incredible. Very personable and friendly. Excellent staff. So helpfull I had the Lift & upper eye lids. My eyes look incredible in 1 week. It is now July 20th and although still had some minor swelling, I look amazing. My husband can't believe how fast I healed. I definitely recommend Dr Wise!! ... READ MORE»

Anonymous from
Houston TX

Age at Procedure: 72
Submitted on 07-18-2014

  Great neck and lower eye procedure by Dr. Smith.

I had a neck so streached and floppy that I could shake my head and stop and my neck would still be flopping. Dr. Kevin Smith said he could fix it and went above and beyond what I expected. I have my old neck back from my much younger years. I thank you very much Dr. Smith. Just makes you feel better not to have a neck so bad that it would get caught up in your collar when you were trying to tie a tie. If it is not perfect, it is as close as you can get. ... READ MORE»

Robert from
Woodbury NJ

Age at Procedure: 68
Submitted on 07-18-2014

  Simply the BEST!.

I would highly recommend this procedure for anyone that is young at heart, active and wants to look the same as they did before the effects of gravity overwhelm their face. My procedure was done on July 3rd and I was back at work on July 8th. Dr Scott Brenman is one of the best of the BEST plastic surgeons in the Philadelphia-South Jersey area and his staff is very experienced,friendly and makes you feel very comfortable throughout the procedure. I am very pleased with the results of my Lifestyle Lift. When I look in the mirror I can not believe it is me, the results are that remarkable. ... READ MORE»

Sherry from
Knoxville TN

Age at Procedure: 65
Submitted on 07-15-2014


I had my procedure on June 11, 2013. It is now February 2, 2014. I still have noticible knots on my throat and neck. These knots are very sore and painful. To me it was not worth the price I had to pay. Neck and eyelids could have been done for 1/2 the price! ... READ MORE»

Lorraine from
Jericho NY

Age at Procedure: 63
Submitted on 07-08-2014

  It's the doctor that makes the difference..

I am by nature a relativley cautious person, so last December, I decided to start "small" and had a Fractional Laser procedure which was performed by Dr. Madnani. I was impressed by his manner, his honesty, and aove all his expertise. I was pleased with the results, and opted to have a lower face and neck Lifestyle Lift. The staff could not be more attentive and knowledgeable. I was told to whjat to expect and they have been remarkably accurate. The after care is superior. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Madnani. I have read some horror stores about people's experience at other centers in other states. I can honestly say that Dr Madnani is a superior surgeon. He took the time to speak with my son who is a surgeon about the procedure to alleviate any concerns. The Melivlle, NY facitlity is immaculate, with a well trained and caring staff. ... READ MORE»

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