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Lifestyle Lift Reviews

822 Reviews for Lifestyle Lift

Anonymous from
Waterloo IA

Age at Procedure: 53
Submitted on 04-07-2014

  Results far exceeded my expectations.

I came very close to backing out right before my scheduled procedures after reading a lot of negative information on the internet, but I’m glad I didn’t. I have a theory that you rarely hear about positive results (especially online) since the average person is afraid of being judged negatively for having plastic surgery. So that’s why I’m writing this-to share my positive experience. I am very pleased with the results of my procedures; the results far exceeded my expectations. Prior to the surgery I reached the point where it was getting harder every day to look at myself in the mirror. I had changed so much from the memory of my mental image of myself over the years. I felt much older than my actual age because I looked much older than my actual age. My turkey neck was so bad I had quit wearing turtle necks, necklaces or anything that would draw attention to my lower face and neck for many years prior. I agree women show their age the most/first around their mouth/neck and jaw area. Now I’m able to wear what I want not fearing I am drawing attention to my worst features. In my opinion I look and feel much younger than my actual age now and my confidence has returned to what it was or better. I had to return in about 2½ weeks after surgery-which is sooner than I would have preferred. People I worked with every day (but didn’t know I was having surgery) could easily see I had work done so soon after surgery. But once I starting healing those who hadn’t seen me in a while couldn’t quite put their finger on what was different. There were some who were/are critical of my decision, but I decided their opinion really wasn’t important in the end. My post-op period seemed longer and more difficult than most, in fact, I’m still healing. I suppose everyone heals at their own pace. Perhaps that’s the trade-off for getting such good results? This was a much slower healing process than I anticipated. Depending on the procedure(s) you have I wouldn’t recommend having them done right before an important event in case it takes you a while to heal. Dr. Campanelli is a very skilled surgeon with excellent credentials. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering having surgery. I traveled quite a distance to have this done since there isn’t a Lifestyle Lift in my area. Of course I there are several local plastic surgeons but I never would have been able to afford them, nor do I believe I would have gotten any better results, so I would’ve just been throwing my hard earned money away if I had this done locally. The support staff at the Bloomington and Inver Grove Heights offices were wonderful. Thanks to everyone at Lifestyle Lift for being so helpful and helping me feel better about myself. I’m very happy I decided to go through with the surgery and would do it all over again! ... READ MORE»

Anonymous from
Palm Coast FL

Age at Procedure: 51
Submitted on 04-07-2014

  A New Life and Imagine!.

I went through divorce a few years ago and felt old, wrinkled, tired looking. I didn't like my neck due to the loose skin and wrinkles that sagged on it. People told me it didn't look that bad and I don't need to do anything. I was very unhappy and lost my security/self esteem. I decided this was something i really wanted to do. I looked through Dr Obi's pictures and made my mind up. I thought I could never look as good and different as the women in the photographs, but I wanted the life style life, upper and lower eye lids, forehead, jaw, neck....the whole thing. WOW! Was I blown away by my looks in less then one week. The people that told me not to do anything, now want one also. They said I look so at peace, rested, and yes....extremely youthful and younger. I went from looking like my mother to looking like my daughter. I can never explain the complete feeling from this very minor procedure. The recovery time was so easy and painless for me. The first days I looked terrible with the bruises but before the second week I was going to parties and shocking my friends over my youthful look (as they put it). I had one friend tell me over and over i was Benjamin Buttons (growing younger every day). It has been so exciting and fun. I don't mind dressing up and going out in public now. I don't feel so old and tired anymore because I don't look it. It has made such a huge impact on my life. I Thank Dr Obi from the bottom of my heart and love his great team! They are all so kind and caring. ... READ MORE»

Neal from
Knoxville TN

Age at Procedure: 69
Submitted on 04-04-2014
Lifestyle Lift Pictures
  A++ all the way.

I love the way I look! The Lifestyle Lift procedure was everything I hoped it would be. I look great and my experience was A+ all the way. I went into the Knoxville office for my consultation and Heather helped me by answering all my questions and scheduling my procedure with Dr Rosdeutscher in Franklin. When I went over there the staff was expectional. Especially, Gary the tech. He helped me through everything and was a great assistant for the doctor and support staff. I would recommend the procedure and doctor to anyone considering a Lifestyle Lift. ... READ MORE»

Sue Ellen from
Daniel Island SC

Age at Procedure: 69
Submitted on 03-31-2014

  Excellent Staff and AAmazing Results!!!.

The process was explained thoroughly. the staff Kylene and Paige and Dr O did a wonderful job in preparing you. I really appreciated their honesty. The recovery time was a lot quicker than I thought. The doctor and the staff were awesome!! They actually spent time with you. That's a rarity today! I am very happy about the results!!! I feel and look so much younger. The best is that my friends and family knew there was something different about me but couldn't really figure it out because it looked so natural. I would highly recommend this procedure!!! What a difference!! ... READ MORE»

Susan from
Sevierville TN

Age at Procedure: 64
Submitted on 03-31-2014

  I am now in the fourth week and still healing but see a big change.

I have had just about every kind of major surgery you can have in life and this is no different. there is some pain to it . No all of it has pain Each section is different and all people are different some parts hurt more than others. The Drs. and staff are exceptional. you don't want for anything. You will have everything at you recuperation site before hand and wont have to leave for anything. The Dr. Rosdeutscher is a double board classified in plastics and throat. He is connected with the prestigious Vanderbilt medical center. My results gave me a chin an neck I hadn't ever had. ... READ MORE»

Anita from
Piedmont SC

Age at Procedure: 67
Submitted on 03-31-2014
Lifestyle Lift Pictures
  Review of LifeStyle Lift.

My doctor and his staff were wonderful. My results were amazing! Very little pain and recovery was quick. I would have this done again and would tell others they won't believe the results. ... READ MORE»

Anonymous from
Franklin TN

Age at Procedure: 57
Submitted on 03-31-2014

  Amazing results.

I went to Lifestyle Lift because I had jowls and a turkey neck, as well as a sunken-in look and wrinkles around my eyes. Katie and Dr. Boggess answered all my questions at my first visit, but I have to admit that I was scared and almost cancelled my next pre-op visit with Dr. Boggess. But, reading reviews by other people and seeing before and after pictures made me feel better, so I went. After meeting with Dr. Boggess again and talking with Mandy about the specifics of the surgery, I felt more comfortable and went through with the procedures, which were a lifestyle lift and fractional laser resurfacing around my eyes. Even though I was encouraged to take two (2) weeks off work, I decided to go back in a week, which was not a good idea. The swelling and discomfort just take a while to resolve, and rest and icing is the way to do it. I am now two (2) months post procedure and couldn't be happier with the results. I look and feel years younger. My suture lines are faded and nearly invisible. I still have a little swelling under my jaw and in front of my ears, but it's not visible and doesn't bother me. I had some bruising under my eyes from the laser treatment, but this is nearly resolved and is easily covered with makeup. I definitely would do this again and highly recommend Dr. Boggess if you are considering cosmetic facial surgery. ... READ MORE»

Dottie from
Las Vegas NV

Age at Procedure: 64
Submitted on 03-25-2014
Lifestyle Lift Pictures
  Great Outcome.

I got a shock every time I looked in the mirror and saw my jowls and my aging appearance, even though I felt "young and spry." I guess it's because wrinkles don't hurt physically, but psychologically I was upset with my aging looks. After seeing the lifestyle ads, I thought it might be an option and it can't hurt to find out about it. After going for my consultation, where the staff was welcoming with "no pressure" and very informative, I was pretty convinced this procedure was for me. However, I was afraid my husband would not go for this and think it was another one of my crazy schemes. Per the staff's excellent suggestion, I brought him with me to my consultation appointment with Dr. LanFranchi. I'm not sure if hubby bought in but it certainly alleviated some of his fears. Dr.LanFranchi was very clear and patient explaining all the risks - all his questions were answered. Although not wild about the idea, he was no longer afraid I would look like a manikin afterwards, so he would support my wish and provided needed transportation. For myself, I had a gut feeling after meeting Dr.LanFranchi and reading over his credentials and experience that I would be in good hands. I knew of no one who had this done, but Dr. LanFranchi was so confident and reassuring, I didn't feel the need to research further. Fortunately the staff is highly organized and spell out exactly all your pre- and post -op instructions and do's and don'ts. The day of the actual procedure was surprisingly smooth and practically painless. It only took slightly over 1 hour to do the lower lift and jaw firming which I had done. Besides the small needle prick to administer the local anesthetic, I could only feel a slight tugging her and there as I dozed on and off while mildly sedated. The first week I did use my pain pills and could not do all the "projects" I had lined up for myself, which in retrospect was an unrealistic expectation. I had minimal bruising and some swelling, but could return to work at my office desk job without any problems. I did confide in a few close coworkers about my procedure and they were amazed at the results; the others never commented so it must have not been that glaring that I was post-op, but the improvement was definitely there. Overall I had a very pleasant experience with the kind and caring staff, and think Dr. LanFranchi is highly skilled at his work. Now I feel much better about myself and have gotten many compliments on my new looks. As one friend stated, "simply brilliant" were her words for the surgeon and I can't state it better myself. It is so natural looking and really a great outcome. ... READ MORE»

Barbara from
Avondale AZ

Age at Procedure: 67
Submitted on 03-24-2014

  Turning back the hands of time.

I had thought long and hard about having the procedure done and finally made the appointment to get more information. Everyone at Lifestyle Lift made me feel comfortable and secure and I decided to take this important step to improve my self esteem. Dr. Woods went over the entire procedure two weeks prior and advised me as to what I could expect to go through with the procedure. I had very little discomfort and very little swelling or bruising. After 4 days I was wearing makeup and no one could tell I had anything done. My daughters were the first to see me and both were very impressed. I compared a picture I had taken years ago and I now look like that picture. This experience has given me more that I had hoped for. I did not feel 67 on the inside and now I do not look like 67 on the outside. Thanks to Dr. Woods and the entire staff at Lifestyle Lift for making this possible. ... READ MORE»

Barbara from
Huntington NY

Age at Procedure: 75
Submitted on 03-24-2014

  no more jowls!.

For years I hated the fact that my face was square on the bottom, not round like it used to be. When I saw the ads for the Lifestyle Lift, it seemed the ideal solution. I went to the center in Melville, met the lovely staff, learned in detail what was involved, and made my appointment. On the Big Day, as they call it, I was surrounded by informative, supportive staff. The actual procedure is done under local anesthetic, so you are awake - sort of - but drifting and not at all stressed. I talked to Corey and Dr. V. During the procedure, but there are whole sections of time that I don't remember at all. I felt very relaxed. When you get home afterward you are wrapped in a big bandage. sleeping that first night is a bit difficult, as you must keep your head elevated. But i was still a bit groggy and not really uncomfortable. What you come to understand is that most of the surgical sites are numb for several days, so there isn't a lot of pain. As the nerves come back, the discomfort increases, but I never found it to be terrible. Healing continues for two months, which is where i am now. except for a little stiffness and soreness under my jaw, I feel fine. I only told two people I was having it done, my husband and my best friend. Both of them are amazed and extremely impressed by how I look. So am I. My jawline is firm and I really do think I look ten years younger. The interesting thing is that NO ONE ELSE picked up on the fact that I had had this done. People say i look good, but the results are so natural that unless you know, you don't think "facelift." Even my kids, whom I saw two weeks afterward, didn't realize it. I feel so much better about my appearance now! When I looked at pictures of myself, all I saw were the saggy jowls. Now I look firmer, younger, prettier. Love it! ... READ MORE»

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