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Lifestyle Lift Reviews

835 Reviews for Lifestyle Lift

Sue from
Carrolltown PA

Age at Procedure: 64
Submitted on 04-24-2014

  A retirement gift to myself.

I was very excited from the first day I walked into the lifestyle lift office. Everyone was very friendly and answered all my questions. I scheduled my procedure without hesitation and met with Dr Hurwiitz the very same day. my procedure was scheduled in two weeks. Dr Hurwitz explained what he planned to do for me and I became even more excited.... The day of surgery was pretty much a blurr, you will be medicated. I don't remember the ride home but I did become quite nauseated once I got home. I do wish I would have been given something for the nausea, that is probably my only complaint. I can honestly say, I had no real pain, just discomfort from the dressings and swelling. Do not jump to any immediate conclusions, it takes several days before the dressings come off and then the key is ice, ice, ice. Everyday gets easier. When I went back 7 days after the procedure to get the sutures removed, I met a nice lady and her husband in the waiting area and they asked me if I had a procedure done? When I told them I was 7 days post op they thought I looked wonderful. I thought I looked very swollen but apparently they did not see that. I was out and about 2 weeks post op, but llike I said everyday you look a little better. I had to spend time with my husband in the hospital he had surgery 2 weeks after my procedure. I felt fine, a little numb and tight. I cannot even begin to tell you how I feel and my husband loves it. No one has asked me if I had something done, they just tell me I look great. I have run into friends that I had not seen for several months and they hesitated, they did not recognize me!! When I went back to see Dr Hurwitz in 6 weeks, some of the girls in the office did not know me, I did get a new hair do and lost almost 20 pounds, but I must say...it was definitely a success. I couldn't be more satisfied and everyone was very kind, patient and professional. I would recommend Dr Hurwitz,he is very good at what he does. KUDOS to the entire staff, and thanks for my new me!!! ... READ MORE»

Patricia from
Riverside CA

Age at Procedure: 71
Submitted on 04-22-2014

  Kind and helpful staff plus great results..

After losing my husband of 50 years I felt alone and old. We had often talked about getting rid of my double chin and jowls. After watching Lifestyle Lifts ads for many years I decided to go see how it was done. My consultant, Mary, led me through the process and two weeks later I had the procedure. Dr. Machida gave me the feeling of confidence and care that a skillful doctor should have with a patient. What a wonderful experience I had with this very caring and blessed physician. All my friends noticed something was different, some said I lost weight or said you look so good! What did you do? I feel younger and even after my birthday a month after my procedure turning 72 wasn't all that bad! I guess because I know I look younger than 72! My healing has been a little longer than I had anticipated, still have some numbness and swelling in cheek area and neck, but it is getting better daily. The results are what is the important part. Thank you Dr. Machida for your skilled hands and giving me this lift of life. ... READ MORE»

Marlene from
Ocala FL

Age at Procedure: 60
Submitted on 04-22-2014

  Kind Staff and Great Results!.

It took me about 5 years to get the courage to have the procedure done. I wish I hadn't waited so long. I had my Lifestyle Lift almost two weeks ago and I'm so happy. My husband said "You look younger and prettier." He is so glad I had it done. Dr. Weikel is wonderful! The staff is kind and friendly. I still can't believe the great results. My turkey neck is gone, my jowls are gone and I have a distinct jawline. I'm very happy! Thank you Dr. Weikel and Lifestyle Lift. ... READ MORE»

Bev from
Fort Bragg CA

Age at Procedure: 66
Submitted on 04-21-2014


I am a 66 year old that had very wrinkled face, sagging neck, and jowls. I was not happy with my appearance, and it affected my self-confidence. After I spent considerable time reading reviews, looking at pictures of patients’ results, and reading about the procedure, I made the decision to spend the money and get it done. I have not regretted that decision yet. The staff at Sacramento office are very professional, kind, and considerate. I was assured and reassured all the way through my experience. The procedure was fairly quick, and only moderately painful, with the day of and day after being the only days I really felt pain. The rest of the time it was discomfort. The staff advised me to ice which helped reduce the swelling. I returned to have stitches removed 8 days later, and even at that point it was obvious there was considerable improvement, and it continued to get better till, by my 6 week check up, I thought the results were amazing. The Dr. advised me that the laser treatment was quite severe as my wrinkles were very deep. That took a little more recovery than maybe it would have if the wrinkles were not as bad. Dr Almonte was very kind and patient, I would recommend him without reservation. I am anxiously looking forward to my 6 month checkup which will be when the effects of the laser treatment will be complete. I wish someone had encouraged me to have the procedure much sooner. Don’t think it will get better, it doesn’t; have the lifestyle lift for yourself. ... READ MORE»

Iona from
New York City NY

Age at Procedure: 49
Submitted on 04-21-2014

  Great Dr and awesome staff!!!.

It was great to meet my consultant Nicolette. She was very informative & answered all my ?'s. During my lifestyle lift procedure everyone made me feel very comfortable and was extremely knowledgeable. Dr Ginsberg couldn't of done a better job. After 3 weeks all my friends & coworkers want to know my secrets ( of course I shared it)Even after my procedure everyone treats me like family. ... READ MORE»

Jo Anne from
North Charleston SC

Age at Procedure: 60
Submitted on 04-21-2014

  Great results.

Went in early, given medication to help me get drowsy, within five minutes I started to get sleepy, taken into surgery and in no time I was out. Recovery time was about 3 weeks. Everyone there was so friendly. I loved it! I only experienced a little pain. I was given pain medication for it, and before I knew it I was wearing my make-up looking beautiful! ... READ MORE»

Mike from
Rochester NY

Age at Procedure: 69
Submitted on 04-21-2014

  Surprised at results snd comments.

My name is Mike. Instead of filling this space with adjectives, allow me to go the so-called bottom line. My reason for asking for help was vanity. I had a turkey neck that would hang over the knot in my tie. My grandson would sit on my lap and play with it like a rubber band. I enjoy his laughter; but I found I had limits. Once I understood, and accepted, that VANITY was the main concern, everything else was downhill. Dr. Namon and the staff are excellent!!! There's a whole lotta' discussion that takes place before any work begins. When completed I was amazed. My wife was amazed. Our family and friends were amazed. My grandson simply said: "Hey Grandpa'. What happened?" I am now 70. My wife has had people tell her my age is about 60 to 65. I need to tell you that I'm as bald as an egg. Frankly, that was also a concern. No one, and I mean no one has noticed any scars. If you're thinking about the procedure - go for it!!! ... READ MORE»

Andrea from
Peckville PA

Age at Procedure: 66
Submitted on 04-21-2014

  Excellent staff and amazing results.

From the first time I walked into the office, I felt comfortable because everyone was so nice. My consultant was very knowledgeable about the procedure and answered my questions. Doctor Hamawy explained what he was going to do and answered all my questions. He was also very reassuring and made me feel comfortable. Doctor Hamawy is a very nice person, a very caring and excellent doctor. The nurses are also very nice and caring. After 48 hours when I was able to remove my dressing, I was very very happy with the results. Now when I see a reflection of my neck, I smile. ... READ MORE»

Alice from
Jacksonville FL

Age at Procedure: 81
Submitted on 04-21-2014

  Quick procedure and fast recovery.

The recovery time was pretty quick considering my age. The procedure does not look overdone so it was obvious some of my friends just thought I looked rested. I couldn't ask for better results and am pleased that I have had it done. The doctor and staff were very informative and professional. ... READ MORE»

Colleen from
Hemet CA

Age at Procedure: 62
Submitted on 04-21-2014

  Feeling Happy.

My experience with Lifestyle Lift was terrific. The staff was friendly, efficient, and extremely processional. Right from the start when I met Gina until the end when Dr. Machida said goodbye, I felt that they truly cared about me. The procedure went just how the Dr. described and the recovery was good. I am a little impatient and I feel that the timeline for the recovery was a little short. However, the results were worth. All in all I would recommend this to my best friend and I feel that Dr. Machida is the best He is an artist and a dare good doctor. Thank you for making me feel happy. ... READ MORE»

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